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Homes & Interiors Scotland October 11

Homes & Interiors Scotland October 11

Talent Spotlight
Describe your work…
My work is inspired by many things in the natural world - the beautiful lines of the human body, the intriguing structures of a seed casing, pebbles or rocks worn away by the sands of time, sunlight bouncing of the cracks of a frozen loch.
I am also fascinated by light.  It plays such an important role in the work. Glass eats light and yet also empowers light. It can be dark and mysterious or colourful and radiant, hard and sharp but also soft and smooth, cold and rough or hot and slippery, and after many years it still enchants me.
I begin by blowing sensual ‘pod like forms’ that explore tension and balance.  I then cut through the glass to reveal its inner space. This dissected work creates a window into another world where dancing curves and open spaces contrast and unite. I then mark the outside of the glass in a variety of ways so as to create different surface textures.
Over the next five years I have plans to launch new designer works in one off bespoke Jewellery.
My designs are…
Whether I design something as a functional object or a piece of art, I always make sure it is something I’d be happy to have in my own home.
My biggest influence is…
Three Women: my mother – she gave me my self-belief; my fiancé - she is my partner in life and business , a beautiful and amazing woman and my best friend , and my 15 month old daughter whose great spirit of adventure in everything that she does .
I wish I had designed…
The Aalto vase. It’s by the legendary Finnish Designer Alvar Aalto and was launched at the1937 World fair in Paris. We pay homage to the spirit of this vase in our Glasstorm Wavy vase available at our on line shop.
If I could exhibit anywhere in the world it would be…
It would be very cool to exhibit at MoMa in New York
Favourite building…
I have two favourite buildings at the moment: Frank Gehry's Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao and the National Aquatics Centre in Beijing , aka the Water Cube. Both challenge the way we think about what a building should look like and both employ light and space in a magical way.
Glass is…
Is hot ,smooth ,sharp ,rough ,cold ,fragile ,hard ,liquid ,sexy.  It is everywhere ,but I have chosen to work with it because it is beautiful ,complex, pure and an enchanting material which plays with light and I never get bored with it.

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